About Us
What is Borobear?
Borobear is an On-demand Rental Platform for you to share your unused items with someone and earn extra income. We are building a community to make everyone share their belongings with people in a safe, fast, and easy way.
Our Story

In 2018, we left corporate jobs and startup an e-commerce company. We spent four weeks renovating our office in Shah Alam. Due to limited cash flow, we have to borrow ladders, tools and vacuum cleaners from friends and family but it was time-consuming, expensive and often not get what we need. It was difficult to borrow the tools and goods that the project required. At last, we were forced to go to local shops to buy all the tools and goods needed.

Five months later, most of the tools were in the corner and were used less than 5 times. After all, we found out it’s so difficult to borrow a need as there is no platform to borrow stuff in Malaysia. Therefore we decided to start Borobear to build a community for everyone to borrow stuff from people nearby in a faster, easier & cheaper way.

Imagine a world where you can “Share things like Neighbours”.

We used to trust each other in the last century when there are no cities, only villages. There’s a good old time where we hang out & sharing stuff with our neighbours. After the Industrial Revolution, people become more materialistic and had lower self-esteem.

It becomes harder for people to trust each other and we lost the essential part of the community. That’s why Borobear coming to make a place where everyone can trust each other and share anything like neighbours.

Just like everyone, you may be thinking you were just renting out your unused stuff to earn extra pocket money. Or maybe you were just borrowing something because you want to save unnecessary costs.

However, when we first entered this community, we are building a relationship with each other that last a lifetime. Borobear started to bring everyone together, you will feel welcomed, respected & appreciated for who you are.

Our Mission
We believe borrow stuffs from people nearby should be fast & easy. We are building a community to make everyone to share their belongings with people nearby. Every needs can be fulfilled by others within minutes.